Making A Booking At Muntham

Apart from our own booking system, we use a variety of booking platforms such as Booking.com, AirBnB, VRBO and Cottages.com. They charge us commission of up to 20% for booking through their sites. Some add booking fees too.

We ensure that anyone who books direct will get the best rates and the best terms.

Guests who book direct can also get early booking discounts or late availability discounts.

When you make a booking you pay a  30% deposit and the balance is payable 30 days before arrival. After that the full amount is non cancellable.

At the point of booking, you can opt into Booking Protect Refund Protection. This essentially protects any payments you make to us. There is a small charge based upon the value of the booking and number of guests and it will be shown to you during the booking process.

Booking Protect covers a whole host of events including illness, bereavement, car breakdown plus dozens of other things.

You can read more about Booking Protect here.

Yes of course you can. Our booking software is as simple as it can be but we know sometimes peopel still rpefer to pick upo a phone and talk to someone.

When it comes to paying though we now will send  an email with a secure link to make payments. We will only take payments ove rthe phone in a real emergency. 

Arrivals and Departures

We know that many of our visitors have long journeys down to Torquay and so we always try hard to get the accommodation ready for arrival. Our normal check in time is from 3pm. At the point of booking it is possible to opt in to a priority check in of up to 2 hours earlier. There is a small extra charge for this.

Our last check ins are 11pm. We set this as a deadline in the interests of other guests who may well have settled for the night. We know emergencies can arise during a  long journey and in exceptional circumstances we can allow later arrivals BUT THIS IS REALLY FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Our normal check out time is 10am. Our cleaners can have very busy days and so we ask for prompt departures. For guests who would like to leave a little later we can accommodate an 11am check out as an optional extra. This can be chosen at the point of booking. A small extra fee applies for this option.

We live on site and so often are here when guests arrive. So, guests just need to ring the main doorbell and we will answer the door.

We do sometimes make use of key boxes which are in the outer porch. We have three - Key Box A, Key Box B and Key Box C. If we intend to make use of them we will let guests know in advance which box the key is in and what the combination is to open the box.

Our car park can accommodate one vehicle for each apartment. We can accommodate two vehicles for the Town House.

Additional on road parking is available immediately outside the property. There are no restrictions or charges for using this.

Staying at Muntham

The answer is yes. We love having canine guests. We do ask that pets are well behaved and socialised as guests are fully responsible for them and anything they might do. 

We generally have a maximum of one animal per property BUT can change this on request in certain circumstances.

We do have a ot of guests who also come without pets and we make totally sure that our cleaning is so thorough that only the happy memories of our canine guests remain once they have departed for home.

For guests who really don't want to be in a property where animals may have been we also manage a number of pet free properties.