Guest Reviews for Luxury Holiday Apartments in Torquay

With online booking now such a dominant part of all of our holiday planning, guest reviews form an ever more important part of that planning process. Guest reviews can be wonderfully unpredecticable and sometimes even quite eccentric but taken as a whole they do tend to give a fair reflection of the property to which they relate.

The initial choice might be driven by the photographic images but as some know to their cost things are not always as they appear and therefore examining reviews can be a crucial way of deciding if the accommodation is right.

For the Muntham Luxury Holiday Apartments and Town House, we use a site called Up Front Reviews which might not be a household name but which is distinct from some of its better known rivals in that only reviews from genuine guests can be placed upon it.

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The Muntham Luxury Holiday Apartments and Town House guest reviews.

Reasons we encourage Reviews

We actively encourage reviews from our guests and are delighted when they leave feedback on The Up Front Review site.

  • Guest reviews provide an authentic record of guests' experiences.
  • As star ratings have declined in importance, guest reviews have increased in importance.
  • People trust genuine guest reviews and they give people the confidence to book.
  • Guest reviews can provide valuable feedback for a business that helps us grow and improve.

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