Berry Pomeroy Castle

Buried deep in the countryside outside Torquay and Paignton, this castle occupies a rocky outcrop and was originally home to the Pomeroy family who needed an easily defended home in the troubled years leading up to the Wars of the Roses.

For guests at The Muntham Apartments and Town House, the castle can be reached in about twenty minutes by car.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

The History Of Berry Pomeroy Castle

The castle passed into the Seymour family one of whose family members was Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII and mother of King Edward VI. Indeed, Edward Seymour was Lord Protector of the young king.

The property saw massive building programmes in both the Tudor periods and the later Jacobite periods and the home that was created was astoundingly beautiful and beyond anything else that had been built in the south west of England. In particular, at a time when glass windows were a luxury, the new parts of the building were full of windows which meant that at night light blazed from the castle in a show of wealth.

By the late 1600's the property had been stripped of anything that could used in the family's other properties elsewhere and it was allowed to fall into ruin. The then head of the family had a Parliamentary career in London as speaker of the House of Commons and had little interest in the castle.

The fortunes of each of the families had waxed and waned but the Seymours were adroit at steering their way through difficult times and still own the property today.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

The Most Haunted Castle In Britain?

For many years, Berry Pomeroy has had the reputation as the most haunted castle in Brtain. A number of ghosts are reputed to haunted the place. Most famous of these is Margaret Pomeroy who was allegedly murdered by her sister Eleanor becuase they were rivals for the affections of the same man and whose spirit lingers in the tower where she met her end. The more prosaic truth is that many of the legends stem from the lurid romantic novels produced at the start of 19th century.

Today, the property is managed by English heritage and it is possible to explore the whole site in search of those phantoms. Outside the castle gates there is plenty of parking and there are toilets too. There is also a cafe which is open seasonally.

The property welcomes well behaved dogs on leads and there are plenty of woodland walks to explore outside the castle.

For more details visit the English Heritage Website

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