Compton Castle

This is another National Trust's English Riviera portfolio of properties and has been the home of the Gilbert family for nearly six hundred years. It is a short distance from Torquay and Paignton and can be reached by car in about twenty minutes from The Muntham Apartments and Town House.


Compton Castle

The History of Compton Castle

The Gilbert family have lived in the castle since 1329 and in 1400's and 1500's it was enlarged and fortified in response to increasing French attacks on Plymouth. Perhaps its most famous resident ( and most notorious) was Sir Humphrey Gilbert who was one of Queen Elizabeth I's "sea dogs" . He was half brother to sir Walter Raleigh and in his early life left Devon to attend Court in London where he hoped to be noticed by the Queen. His career in the court of Queen Elizabeth was successful at first but an unfortunate manner, a scandalous private life and a pencahnt for the occult meant that he soon fell from favour and left London.

His second career as an explorer led to him founding the colony of New Foundland. He ended his days going down with his ship Squirrel  in a storm off the Azores refusing to seek safety on the larger Golden Hind that was accompanying it on a crossing of the Atlantic.



Compton Castle - aerial

Compton Castle Today

The castle is open to the public for most of the year.

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