Dog Friendly Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a great place for dogs....

Hounds Tor on Dartmoor
Hound's Tor Dartmoor

The Dog Friendly Tors of Dartmoor

The vast expanse of Dartmoor is a wonderful place to explore at any time of the year and as its southern edge is just thirty minutes or so from Muntham it makes an ideal day trip with a canine pal. One of the great features of the moors are the Tors or hills with rocky outcrops of varying size.

Each May youngsters from the South West take part in the Ten Tours Challenge in which as the name suggests they have a limited time to visit ten designated Tors.

Leisure visitors are perhaps best advised to to visit just one or two on a visit. Some like Hay Tor are well known and attract many visitors others are less well known and make an ideal choice for anyone wanting to really appreciate the wilderness even at the height of summer.

Visit Dartmoor has excellent information about the Tors. Click here for more information. Please remember that much of Dartmoor has free romaming livestock and it is essential that you keep your dog under control at all times.


Fernworthy Reservoir
Fernworthy Reservoir

The Dog Friendly Reservoirs of Dartmoor

Not many people associate Dartmoor with reservoirs but there are actually quite a number across the National Park. They are are largely overlooked by visitors and make excellent dog walking destinations offering a wide variety of walks in terms of length and challenge.

Some such as Venford Reservoir near Ashburton can be reached from Muntham in about thirty five minutes and can be circumnavigated in less than an hour. Others are larger such as the Fernworthy Reservoir - that supplies Torquay's water- are further into Dartmoor and offer remarkably tranquil walking opportunities even in the height of summer.

Visitors are reminded to keep their dogs out of the water for very obvious reasons and to also be sensitve to disturbing wildlife such as nesting birds at certain times of the year.

These areas of water are managed by South West Lakes Trust and full details of them and many others can be found by clicking here.

Dog Friendly Dartmoor
Ancient Woodland near Lustleigh

Dog Friendly Valleys, Rivers and Woodland of Dartmoor

The vast expanse of Dartmoor means that there is so much more to it than just the moors. Hidden away are gems just waiting to be explored. There are fanatsic river side walks and valleys with cascading falls plus miles of meandering walks through ancient woodland rich with flora and fauna as well as incredible legends.

Dartmoor also has some great towns and villlages worth exploring. On the very southern edge is Ashburton  awash wth antique stores and at the very heart of the moor sre Widecombe (famous for its annual fare) and picturesque Chagford. On the very western edge of the National Park is Tavistock with its famous Pannier Market.

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