Cockington Court Sculpture Trail 2023

Cockington Court Sculpture Trail 2023

Each year against the magnificent backdrop of Cockington Court and its grounds, a sculpture trail takes place. This year the theme is outer space and the exhibits from 23 artists interpret the theme in the most wonderful ways. Some of the sculptures have echoes of solar systems and planets whilst others focus on visitors from beyond our World. There is even a little visitor from far far away who is nevertheless very familiar to anyone who has seen Star Wars films.

And inside the gallery,  it is even possible to get up close to a certain blue box used for over 50 years by Time Lord Dr Who. Please note that Daleks and Cybermen are not allowed inside the art gallery unless accompanied by non murderous life forms.....

Trail maps can be obtaned from the reception inside the Manor House (Open 10.30 am to 4pm).

Book now at the Muntham Apartments to enjoy this free exhibition and a whole host of other English Riviera attractions over the late summer and into the autumn.

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Muntham Holiday Apartments
16th August, 2023