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Turf Locks

At the height of summer, it just so happens that Tuesdays or Wednesdays are when we can grab a few hours off as there are often few or no departures or arrivals. And so it was this week when we decided to go on a walk we have done many times before but not recently. It didn't turn out as we had expected and that was down to a lack of planning on our part and a flock of sheep.

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13th August, 2021

St Clements Powderham

The Walk To Turf Locks - And Those Sheep

This particular walk starts at St Clement's Church, Powderham. The Church very kindly allows people to park around it in return for a small donation. But not on Sundays as there are services and the congregation need the parking.

So, from there you walk down the road towards where the railway track is and cross over to go through a gate and access the pathway that runs along the Exe Estuary and towards Turf Locks.

It's at this point that you would normally see a sign for the Turf Locks Hotel/pub with information about opening etc. However, a nearby flock of interesting sheep distracted us and caused us to miss the sign which warned of Tuesday closure and we set off along the path oblivious to the fact that our destination was closed.

The path is used by a lot of cyclists and so with three dogs in tow, we chose to go on the path that runs along the top of the bank running along the estuary.

Turf Locks

The walk along the estuary is an easy one with lots of interesting things to see. For a time the mainline railway track runs alongside before it veers off inland towards Exeter. On the opposite side of the estuary you can see Exmouth in the distance and the Lympstone Para barracks.

We got to the Turf Hotel to find it closed which was disappointing but then we have only got ourselves to blame for finding sheep interesting.

We decided to walk a little further on to the little foot passenger ferry that crosses the river to  the pretty little village of Topsham.

However, once again lack of preparation meant we were thwarted and we discovered that there were no crossings on a Tuesday "due to Covid".

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Be Prepared.

We decided to walk back along the pathway back to the car.

And in the absence of interesting sheep we noticed the sign we had missed on the outward journey.

Our plan B wa to go into Teignmouth for lunch to one of our favourite little cafes in the centre.

This time we checked to make sure it was open on a Tuesday and sure enough it was.

Nourish is a fantastic cafe serving plant based food and even committed meat eaters like us love this alternative especially since it is so beautifully done.

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