Holiday Accommodation With Electric Vehicle Charging in Torquay

Holiday Accommodation with Electric vehicle charging in Torquay

As we enter 2023, it is incredible to realise that within 7 years the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars is due to end in the UK. As a result the numbers of electric vehicles on the road are increasing dramatically. Currently, there are just over 620,000 electric vehicles on UK roads plus another 440,000 hybrids. Growth in numbers of electric vehicles is quite staggering; between 2020 and 2021 there was a 92% increase in electric vehicles sales in the UK.  Although at much lower numbers, sales of electric vans have also rocketed recently and there was a 240% increase in these between 2020 and 2021.

On a monthly sales basis petrol vehicles still account for the largest percentage of new car registrations but as round 25% electric vehicle registrations are due to overtake new diesel registrations and hybrid registrations very soon.

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Muntham Holiday Apartments
1st January, 2023

Tesla - electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles - some facts and figures.

On average, an electric vehicle will take 8 hours to charge from empty at a fast charge 7KW charge point.

Rapid 50KW chargers are compatible with many electric vehicles and can add 100 miles of charge in 35 minutes.

There are 36,752 public charging points in the UK, 6,712 are rapid charging points.

The Nissan Leaf was the first electic vehicle to become popular - it was introduced in 2011 and at the time had a range of 100 miles.

The Tesla Model 3 is the World's most popular electric vehicle. In 2021 sales were 501,000

The Tesla Model S has the best range at 379 miles on a single charge.

The Tesla Model Y was the best selling electric car in the UK in 2022.

Holiday apartments in Torquay with EV charging.

Electric vehicle Charging

As of 5th January, The Muntham Luxury Holiday Apartments and Town House will have two electric vehicle charging points.

These will be the standard 7KW units and are designed to allow guests to charge their vehicles over night.

The AA has some useful advice when it comes to maintaining a healthy battery in your electric vehicle:

  • On hot days, try to park your electric vehicle in the shade as extreme heat can cause the battery to be drained.
  • Letting the battery go flat is not good for it - try not to let it go below 20%.
  • Battery life can also be restricted if you charge above 80%
  • Try to avoid rapid charging - it is estimated that using rapid charging can reduce battery life by 10% .
  • Let your battery cool before you charge it.
  • Reducing your speed will also help with preserving battery life.

Full information can be found here.