Muntham Apartments Relaxing Breaks in Torquay

Muntham Apartment 3 - Bedroom overlooks The Rose Garden at the side of the property.

One of the many things we love about Muntham is the tranquility and sense of peace that the property has. It's true that its Wellswood location helps. This is a fantastic leafy area that has all the advantages of being close to the centre of Torquay without any of the disadvantages of noise and bustle.

Having 3/4 of an acre of gardens surrounding Muntham also helps act as a buffer between it and the World beyond. There are in fact four gardens at Muntham. The first is that which borders the car park, there is then the large side garden or "Rose Garden" , the Lower Garden and the Town House Garden which is for the exclusive use of Town House guests.

As an enthusiastic amateur gardener I always wish I had much more time and much more money to devote to the garden and year on year I aim to make it better and to learn from the mistakes I made in previous years. It takes time to work out which plants will be happy in the gardens and which will simply not thrive. Each year comes a whole set of triumphs and disappointments BUT that really is what keeps gardening exciting.

2022 has been a challenging year for a number of reasons. The south west of England has had very little rainfall for months on end and has had very hot weather.  So my Acers which are largely in pots have put up with it for quite a while with plenty of watering but some have now started losing their leaves without the usual display of stunning autumn colour.

On the other hand plants such as Aeoniums and Kniphofia (Red Hot Pokers) have absolutely loved it as have the Dhalias which are putting on a great show. As we go through August some areas of the garden are beginning to look a little exhausted BUT in others where there are Ginger Lillies for example they are only just getting ready to put on a great display.

Enjoy some of the pictures below showing some of the successes of The Muntham Gardens in 2022.

And if you have an appetite to visit some of the public gardens in the area, click here for more information.

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Muntham Holiday Apartments
7th August, 2022