Spring on The English Riviera

Purple Flowering Glory Bush at Muntham

As we pass back into British Summer Time, it is undeniable that we are now in Spring and winter is behind us. It may not feel like it yet as temperatures have been cooler than normal for the time of year and the changeable weather has made it feel as if winter is still upon us. It is also true to say that things in the Muntham garden are quite a few weeks behind what we have become accustomed to over the last few years. But perhaps we are experiencing a more normal spring.

Having said all that the signs are everywhere in the garden; the daffydils have been out for quite some time and are bravely adding a splash of early colour. The "Lasagna Pots" I planted last autumn have really worked well. The concept is to plant bulbs in layers. The later flowering bulbs (and larger ones) go at the bottom of the pot and then each layer above has bulbs that are smaller and earlier flowering. So, my pots have a variety of tulips on the bottom layers, then above some Narcissi and on the top layer irises. As you will see from the pictures these pots have been providing welcome colour since February.

Elsewhere the Camelias are in bud and ready to explode into bloom, the Acers are coming into leaf and the hostas are beginning to send shoots up through the soil.

A plant that deserves special mention and an award for pure heroic pluckiness is the Purple Flowering Glory Bush (Tibouchina). Against all the odds this native of south America flowered all the way through the winter from November right up until the end of February.

Spring is a great season to visit the  English Riviera not only to enjoy the developments in our own garden but in some of the gardens locally and out and about on the cliff tops and even up on Dartmoor and other areas dedicated to wildlife.

A perfect opportunity to get out and about and enjoy all that spring has to offer is by taking part in The English Riviera Walking Festival 22nd to 29th April. There are dozens of different walks covering every conceivable aspect of The English Riviera.

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Muntham Holiday Apartments
28th March, 2023

The Muntham Spring Garden