The Summer Garden at The Muntham Holiday Apartments and Town House in Torquay

Red Hot Pokers at Muntham

The hot dry summer seems to have come to an end (if just for a bit) and the garden is getting a bit of much needed rain. But the heat and the dryness was very much to the taste of certain plants - most notably the Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia) which have put on a superb display. Also, the roses have enjoyed this particular set of conditions.

Perhaps the most spectacular reaction to the heat and dryness has come from the Yucca in the town house garden. This year it sent a flower spike some twenty feet into the air.

For other plants such as the hostas it has been a different story, they really have not enjoyed the heat and dryness one bit and even assiduous watering has not coaxed them into looking their best.

Still to come are a whole host of peak summer and late summer flowering plants such as Lilies,  Dahlias and towards the very end of the summer Ginger Lillies.

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Muntham Holiday Apartments
12th July, 2023

The plants that have enjoyed the hot dry start to summer at The Muntham Holiday Apartments and Town House in Torquay.