Tranquility In The Height Of Summer

Brownstone Farm - South Hams- Dog Friendly breaks

Devon & Cornwall are always busy at the height of summer. But this year with the chaos that's surrounded international travel it seems as if the counties are bursting at the seams.

So is it really possible to enjoy a bit of tranquility even in the busiest month of August?

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9th August, 2021

The daymark

The Walk From Brownstone Farm to Froward Point

The remarkable answer is "YES".

Take for example the walk we did last week.  We parked at the National Trust Brownstone Farm Car park. This is just around the corner from The National Trust Coleton Fishacre Property. The car park was far from busy and parking was easy.

We took a leisurely walk along the road laid by the military in WW II with stunning views along the way such as that in the picture above.

Midway along the walk, the strange and otherwordly "Daymark" comes into view. This strange structure sits in a corn field like an alien visitor.

The prosaic reality is that it is a navigation aid for ships out at sea. 

Brownstone Battery

The Brownstone Battery

Heading on down towards the point you encounter a number of old buildings and these are the remains of the Brownstone Battery from World War II.

Large gun emplacements, look out posts and even a miniature railway are all unique features of this piece of coastline and are a chilling reminder of the danger the UK faced from German invasion.

It is not hard to imagine the lonely nights for the home guard volunteers on this exposed cliff top scanning the darkness for any sign of enemy arrival.....


The Walk To Pudcombe Cove

Exploring the Battery had involved quite a few steep steps and pathways but even then the description of the walk as "moderate" by a variety of apps and sites seemed about right.

But then the walk from the Battery to Pudcombe Cove (and from there back to the car park) became markedly more challenging especially with two elderly dachsunds in tow. Even so, the coastal scenery was stunning.

And as for the tranquility? We only encountered a couple of other walkers on the whole three mile walk.

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